Face-off-Friday #1

Cats vs. Dogs

As someone who doesn’t own a pet and who has no desire to, I thought I would be the perfect person to solve this problem. I do have to admit beforehand that I am a dog person. I do promise that this will in no way influence this Face-off-Friday. (Yeah right!) I have never owned a pet before, so I have no idea what I’m talking about. But, really, who cares? This blog doesn’t make sense anyway.

Let’s start with cats. There are two types of cats. You have the independent adventurer and the attention seeker. When it comes to taking care of the independent adventurer, things are pretty simple. Just make sure you feed them. That’s pretty much it. They spend most their time outside, which is perfect if you don’t want to be surrounded by your pet all the time, I guess. I mean, then why did you get a pet in the first place? But okay.
They are pretty much the teenagers of cats. They spend most there time getting into trouble, but always come back home with their tails between their legs. They eat anything they can get their paws on and at the end of the day throw it all up again. (Which is your cue to clean it all up.) These are also the type of cats that will ignore you if you do something wrong. They are geniuses at the silent treatment. Give them love and they will become your best friend, but be too much of a control freak and they will hate you for it.
Then there is the attention seeker. These are the indoor cats. (Do you call it that?) It’s just cats that don’t go outside. Taking care of an attention seeker is a lot of work. They don’t just want you to feed them. No! They will follow you around, everywhere you go.
They are the toddlers of cats. They still need you to take care of them. They cry a lot if you don’t pay them enough attention. They also tend to sit on the things you’re using. Are you working on your computer? That’s too bad. I really, really, want to sit on your keyboard. Are you on the toilet? Well, that’s unfortunate, because I really want to sit in your trousers. Try pulling them up then! Are you sleeping? That’s so sad, because I really want you to pet me. So, I’m just going to keep licking your face until you do.
The attention seekers will take up a lot of your time, but they do keep you warm. Give them enough attention and they will never leave you, but neglect them and they will get vengeance.

On to the dogs, men’s best friend. Dogs have two types as well. You have the loyal giant and the yapping mouse. Let’s start with the loyal giant. For me, the loyal giants are the bigger sized dogs that love to learn. They are the overachievers. They want nothing more than to learn and to play. The thing with these dogs is that they really don’t realize exactly how strong they are. They can seriously hurt you if you don’t train them right.
These dogs want to learn and will always be there for you. They do forgive a lot and expect only little in return, but if you have gone too far. It will be hard to win back their trust. They will always be waiting for you at the door when you come back home. Just don’t forget that these dogs take up a lot of space and need to go outside as often as possible. (Again, what do I know, right?) Teach them new tricks and they will always have your back, forget about them and they will never trust you again.
Then we have the yapping mouse. Or as I like to call them the watch-out-you-don’t-step-on-them terriers. They are the small dogs that just seem to keep barking, no matter what. They are loud, but also really funny. They never sit still and are pretty much always happy. They can literally run around the room all day until they’re tired, take a quick nap, and start all over again. They don’t need much to be happy. They’re pretty content as it is.
Just make sure you don’t lose them! They are so tiny they can get in pretty much any crawling space they can find. As for the yapping, just keep in mind you love this little rascal. And if you don’t, just get rid of it! (Just kidding people!)
Let them run around and they will always keep you entertained, but try to slow them down and they will become your worst nightmare.

I once saw this post on the internet, and I think it perfectly describes this Face-off-Friday.
Cats: People feed me. I must be a God!
Dogs: People feed me. They must be gods!

Have a nice Friday.


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