How-to-Tuesday #2

It’s one of the most common mistakes there is. Do I push this door open, or do I pull it? The stakes are high. So many things could go wrong. Make the wrong decision and you will make a complete fool of yourself. Push while you’re supposed to pull and you will high-five the door with your face. Pull while you’re supposed to push and you will fall flat on your ass. That’s why this How-to-Tuesday I will explain how to open a door.

There are some simple steps to prevent yourself from getting hurt.
Step one: Locate the door you’re about to open. Make sure you spot the door a few feet before you have to open it. This will give you some extra time to create some kind of game-plan.

Step two: Scan the door and its surroundings. There are two things that demand some extra attention. I call them the red-flags.
Red-flag one: Signs! Are there any signs that give you a clue as to whether you have to pull or push this door to open it? Usually they put the word push or pull on the door!
Red-flag two: Door-handles! Does the door have a handle? No? Then you can be sure that you need to push this door to open it. Yes? What kind of handle? Once you’ve determined what kind of handle it is, figure out how this handle works. Do you need to move it before you can open the door? Or do you just need to grab it?
Now that you have scanned the door and its surroundings and you know how the handle works you should be able to open it. However, if you still don’t know how to open it, move on to step three.

Step three: If there are no signs that tell you how to open the door. It’s time for panic mode. For this step you need to look for the hinges. Are the hinges on your side of the door? You can be 99% sure you need to pull this door to open it. Are there no hinges on your side of the door? (Be sure to double check!) You can be 98% sure you need to push this door to open it.
Are you still not sure what to do, there is one more step left. Just be warned, this last step is no guarantee! This last step is not for the soft hearted.

Step four (for the DareDevils): Once you’re standing in front of the door and the door handle is on the left, pull the door open. Is the door handle on your right? Push to open the door. The problem with this step is that I don’t know if this is a universal thing. I mean in Australia the toilet flushes the other way round and in England they drive on the wrong side of the road. I don’t know!

Keep yourself from complete humiliation and follow these simple steps. I care about you and I don’t want you getting hurt!

Have a nice Tuesday.


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