WhateverWednesday #2

This WhateverWednesday we have another important subject to discuss. Teachers and their PowerPoint Presentations.
I believe we can distinguish five different types of Teacher PowerPoints. If you have a teacher that fits into one of these categories, by all means, tell him / her to read this post.

Teacher PowerPoint number one: The colorblind. Everyone knows how hard it is to combine the right colors. Especially with clothing, combing colors has become a science. (A science I have personally yet to understand.) Although I always thought that combing the right clothing is the hardest thing to do. Teachers seem to have found an even harder task. Choosing the colors for their PowerPoint. I mean, a black background with a dark red font? Are you trying to make a horror movie? You’re not some artist trying the create a new Picasso. I don’t want to have to look for the words written on the slide. And just like you’re not supposed to wear a green shirt with green jeans. You’re not supposed to use a green background with a yellow font. Not ever! Your PowerPoint is not supposed to be some treasure hunt.

Teacher PowerPoint number two: The word-vomitter. These are the PowerPoints that have more words on them than the dictionary. Your PowerPoint is supposed to have words on them, but you’re not writing a book. If I wanted to read, I would have opened my books before I came to class. And everyone can give a presentation if you write everything you’re going to say on the slides. Keep us guessing, instead of revealing everything the moment we see the slide.

Teacher PowerPoint number three: The picture freak. Everyone loves pictures. Words can get boring, but pictures make PowerPoints fun and exciting. Just don’t overdo it! Explaining everything you’re saying with pictures is just stupid. I don’t want to solve your rebus puzzles. I actually have better things to do.

Teacher PowerPoint number four: The beginner. You know the teacher that is using PowerPoint for the first time and finally found the action-button? Yep, that assh*le. He thinks it’s funny to make everything in his PowerPoint move around. There are students who suffer from motion sickness and who don’t want to experience an involuntary rollercoaster ride. Not to forget all the sound effects. I don’t need to hear a ‘ding’ every time you go to your next slide. I also don’t need to hear a bomb explode every time you show us a new picture!

Teacher PowerPoint number five: The cursor. This is the teacher that made the perfect PowerPoint. Everything is how it’s supposed to be. He did everything right, but he still made one mistake. This is the teacher who leaves the cursor in the middle of the screen. It’s like this annoying fly you want to kill, but it just keeps getting away. You just keeping following it and after a while it’s all you can see!

To all the teachers around the world. Less is More!!!
But, whatever.

Have a nice Wednesday.


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