(Weird)WhateverWednesday #3

I would like to warn everyone beforehand, I wrote this post last night, while still not feeling a 100% and it gets kinda weird. But that seems to be a reoccurring theme. Maybe I should just call it WeirdWednesday? BTW, you will see that I have these crazy thoughts quite a lot.
We seem to live in a world without privacy. We pour our hearts out on the internet in return for likes and make useless pictures hoping that someone will leave a comment. And I don’t blame anyone. I’m doing the same thing with this blog, but since I wasn’t feeling too well yesterday I had some time to think. (For me that usually means I’m thinking about these really philosophical things. Who are we? Where did we come from? Are we alone in the universe? Those type of things.) But yesterday I was thinking about the NSA and all those other agencies that supposedly spy on us. I mean everyone seems to think we’re being watched. I personally think my life isn’t interesting enough to spy on, but let’s, for a minute, pretend that it is. We’ll play a what if game.
Close your eyes! Oh, wait! Don’t close your eyes. You won’t be able to read this post if you do. First read the post and then take a minute to close your eyes.
Picture this. Some NSA-agent is sitting behind his desk at some secret location. (I just searched for this secret location and it’s at Ford Meade (Maryland). Not so secret after all.) But back to the secret agent. It’s his soul job to spy on me. He actually gets paid to spy on me. Can you see him? He has these weird looking glasses and he’s wearing a black suit. He is clicking his pen while watching the screen. His glasses slip down his nose and he pushes them back up with just his middle finger. He has a nametag. It reads Joe. That’s him, right there. Behind his computer screen looking through my webcam into my room.

So, what I was thinking is what does Joe see all day?
He can see me turn off my alarm clock and deciding I don’t want to get out of bed yet. (Sound familiar anyone?) When I finally do get out of bed, he can see me leave my room. While I eat breakfast, does he play solitaire?
When I finally get back, I turn on some music and get my toothbrush. While I brush my teeth he can see me rock out to whatever song is playing. I’m dancing around the room pretending to be a superstar. I sing to myself in the mirror and take a bow after the song is done. Will he applaud?
After that I take a shower and get dressed. Is this his favorite time of the day? Or does he look away to give me some privacy?
At this point I usually turn on my computer. Does he laugh with me when I watch a funny video? Does he cry when I cry, because of the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode? Can he see the frown on my face when I’m reading the articles for my next class?
He can see me doing my exercises before I go to bed. Will he smile when I flex my “muscles” in the mirror?
And when I go to bed? Does that mean his job is done? Can he go back home to his family and finally live his own life, instead of mine?

I think Joe knows me better than I know me. But whatever.

Have a nice Wednesday, Joe.


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