ThankfulThursday #3

I do feel like I left you at an uncomfortable place yesterday. The post about my imaginary NSA-agent, Joe, was kind of crazy, I know. Some of you were probably freaked out and now think you have your own NSA-agent that’s spying on you. You may even have gone so far as to tape something in front of your webcam. That’s fine. Just to make you feel better this ThankfulThursday will be really uplifting.

So, without any further ado. This Thursday I’m thankful for spring.  I know I’m like ten days early, but the weather in the Netherlands has been getting better. The sun is shining (most of the time). And the flowers are starting to bloom. I do know that the weather in the Netherlands can go from amazing to snow in a matter of seconds, but the sun just makes me happy, even if it is just for the day.
With every new season new wonders appear. Some better than others. Spring is accompanied by some pretty amazing miracles.
At the start of spring most animals are really horny. This means that nature walks become really fascinating. Also soon there will be a lot of cute baby animals. It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!
Birds come back from their seasonal migration and are so excited to see us that they wake us with their chirping. Alarm clocks are overrated!
Flowers start blooming, allergies reappear.
You can finally feel the sun’s rays on your skin.
After months of wearing four layers of clothing you can finally start taking them off. Although for some people you’d wish they would start wearing some extra layers of clothing. Wear the clothes for the body you have, not the body you want. (Oh, please. I’m just kidding. It’s a joke people!) Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable! It’s just that it isn’t just the layers that disappear, clothes actually start shrinking. I don’t know if you have this saying as well, but when I think of spring and warmer weather, I think of ‘milk bottles’. It’s what we call people’s milky white legs. They were in hiding all winter, and haven’t seen the sun in months. In spring they start coming out and it can be a bit of a shock. (I am usually one of those people.)
It’s also the season everyone starts worrying about bikini season.
People start coming out of their hibernate sleep. Oh, wait! Did I say people? I meant bears and all those other animals that hibernate. Whichever you are.
It’s just a fact that when the sun is shining people tend to smile a lot more. I mean it! That’s a scientific fact. I’m sure of it. I think.

Thank you spring for brightening up my day even though you’re not officially here yet. You’re the best!

Have a sunny Thursday.

Dear Summer, Fall and Winter,
You’re just as great as spring. It’s just that you’re so last season.


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