Face-off-Friday #4

It’s one of the most epic battles on the internet, Apple vs. Windows. And since I usually write these face-off-Fridays about things I know nothing about, I thought this would be a good topic for this Friday. I use a windows computer, always have, and don’t even know where the on-button is on an Apple. My sister uses an Apple and loves it, but that’s all I know about Apple’s MacBook. So I did some research, because I do want to give you real information, and found some pros and cons for both Apple and Windows. After that, it’s up to you to decide which one is better. Here goes.

Apple has always been a fruitful company. They have great roots and Steve Jobs has really turned this company into a household name. On the other hand, Windows have been around a long time. The first Windows were invented in the year 100 AD. Bill Gates really knew what he was doing!
The thing is, I love Windows, but it can be so transparent. I can look right through it. And I feel like Apple always leaves you with a false sense of accomplishment.
But then, for Windows the glass is always full, which is a good thing. But for Apple, people always buy the newest Apple products the moment they hit the stores. I mean, people really like to tre(e)at themselves.
Windows gets dirty pretty easily, birds really like to sh*t all over your Windows, and need to be cleaned regularly. They do have a really solid frame, though. As for Apple, as soon as you start to use them, they tend to start rotting and you will have to buy a new one. But they do look really appetizing when you take them out of the box.
While Windows break easily and cracks are very common. Apple products get bruised once you drop them.
Windows always seems so high up, while Apple just seems to be hanging around.
Apple is always the healthy choice (although Eve would disagree. If you don’t get this joke, read a Bible!). But Windows are really easy to open up. It’s really a breeze and very refreshing.
Windows really lets the light through, while Apple’s products are always ready for harvest.
And everyone knows Apple’s Intel Core is always up to date! But then again, Windows has some pretty amazing HD-options. It’s like I’m looking through glass into the real world.
And if you’re wondering why Apple products look so similar (I can’t tell the difference between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5), it’s because the apple never falls far from the tree! You get it? Yeah, you do. Sometimes, I really think I’m too funny.

So what will it be? Windows or Apple?

Have a nice Friday.

Ps. You want a fun challenge? Try to find all the puns and jokes in this post!


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