10-Things-Tuesday #2

I promised you an amazing post so I hope you’re ready. Tomorrow is the first of April and you all know what that means. April Fool’s Day. To help you out, I found 10 simple, but amazing, April Fool’s Day jokes. Most of these jokes I got from the internet, because I suck at jokes. Every year my mum pulls the same joke on me and every year I fall for it. Even though I now know tomorrow is April Fool’s Day I will probably still fall for it.
But let’s start with these 10 simple, but amazing, April Fool’s Day jokes.

  1. Fill as many plastic cups as you can find with water and place them strategically on the floor.
    Plastic cups
  2. Use an air horn as door / wall protector.
  3. Set people’s alarm clock so it’ll keep going off during the day.
    Alarm Clock
  4. Cover a bar of soap with nail polish and let it dry.
    Nail polish
  5. Wrap someone’s phone in rubber bands.
  6. Confetti bombs.
  7. Print different pictures of the celebrity your victim hates and stick them all over their room.
  8. Put flour in your victim’s hair dryer.
  9. Put a zip-tie on any type of spray can and throw it.
    Spray can
  10. Fill a bowl with both M&M’s and Skittles.

Now, all you have to do, is sit and wait!!!

Have a nice Tuesday.


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