FictionFriday #2

I thought we would try again since last time we ended up with a pretty messed up story. If you haven’t read the other FictionFriday let me explain. I choose four books from my very impressive book collection. (I might be exaggerating, but I like to think I own an entire library, which I don’t.) From those four books I randomly choose one quote. These four quotes will be the guideline for a short story. Last time it was a story about a guy who died in a plane crash. Yep, it was all kinds of fun. So let’s start with the quotes.

Sentence one from The Shock of the Fall: ‘I should fucking hope so.’
Sentence two from Underground (by Murakami): ‘In a situation like this emergency services aren’t much help at all.’
Oh boy, I think this is going to be another depressing story.
Sentence three from The Hunger Games: I wonder if she’ll enjoy watching me die.

Sentence four from A Tale for the Time Being: ‘Excuse me for asking, but have you guys been smoking al lot of pot?’

Okay, the last time the story kinda just happened.

‘I should fucking hope so,’ Katelyn says, while walking into the glass window. ‘Shit, that hurt.’
‘You’re getting blood all over the floor,’ Mark says annoyed.
‘No, shit Mark! That’s what happens when you walk into a window,’ Daisy replies.
‘I fucking thought it was a door,’ Katelyn says. She gently touches the part of her head that hurts. When she looks at her hand it’s covered in blood. ‘I don’t feel too good.’
‘You should sit down,’ Maisie says in a panic.
‘Just shut up,’ Mark yells. ‘First, we need to get rid of her.’ He points to the body on the floor.
‘We should just call an ambulance!’ Maisie responds. Maisie is really starting to freak out.
‘In a situation like this emergency services aren’t much help at all,’ Daisy says mockingly. ‘Could you imagine, two paramedics walking in, asking us what happened. “Well sir, our friend did a lot of drugs and she OD’ed, and to be honest we didn’t mind. She’s a bit of a bitch you know. She kinda deserved it. But we did have to get rid of the body and then Katelyn walked into a glass window thinking it was a door. So don’t mind the dead girl. You’re only here to check out Katelyn’s head.” How do you think they would react?’
‘Even dead, she’s still a pain in our ass,’ Katelyn says. She grabs a towel from the counter and presses it against the wound on her head. ‘I’m probably going to bleed to death. I can just see her staring at me. I wonder if she’ll enjoy watching me die!’
‘She’s dead! She can’t stare.’ Mark is starting to lose his temper. He should never have agreed on coming. He was such an idiot.
Nobody knows what to do next. Katelyn is still bleeding and the body is still on the floor. For a moment they do nothing but stand there. The tears start streaming down Maisie’s face.
‘I just want to go home.’
Nobody speaks, when the front door opens. They all look up. It’s Nick. Katelyn runs into his arms. ‘She’s dead, Nick. We killed her!’
Nick looks at his friends and knows they are serious. He walks into the kitchen and looks at the floor. He looks confused.
‘Where is the body?’ he asks.
They all look up at him. ‘She’s right there!’ Katelyn screams.
‘Excuse me for asking, but have you guys been smoking a lot of pot?’ Nick asks with a smile. ‘There’s no body. You’re just hallucinating.’

I know. It’s still a weird story. Maybe it’s just my twisted mind. Maybe I should stop doing these FictionFridays.

Have a nice Friday.


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