10-Things-Tuesday #3

Yep, another 10-things list. And you probably already guessed it, the list will be about complete nonsense. Yesterday I made this amazing Let it Go video, spent hours editing it and couldn’t even show it to you people. So, today I’m keeping it weird and simple. Just how I like it.
This Tuesday 10 things you should do or say in an elevator (just because you can).

Number one: Say ‘ding’ at each floor. Also, other sound effects are permitted. Maybe pretend like the elevator is a spaceship and make noises when the doors open and close or when the elevator moves up and down (or sideways if you have some fancy futuristic elevator that can go every direction you want.)

Number two: When there’s only one other person in the elevator tap their shoulder and pretend it wasn’t you.

Number three: Go stand in the corner facing the wall, when someone comes in just say: “My mom gave me a time-out.” And maybe sigh.

Number four: Run into the elevator and really breathe like you’re out of breath. Once the doors close stand up and say: “I should have taken the stairs. The cops could easily be waiting for me on the next floor.”

Number five: Pretend you’re a flight attendant and review emergency procedures and exits with passengers. (An actual flight attendant outfit is optional.)

Number six: Act nervous. Once other people start noticing you’re uncomfortable say: “Last night I had a dream about me dying in an elevator with…” Proceed by describing the people that are riding the elevator with you. End with: “It’s gonna be a bumby ride.”

Number seven: Bring a game of Bingo and start calling out the numbers. “Anyone have Bingo yet?”

Number eight: Tell people you’re riding the elevator to Heaven to ask God why he created mosquitos.

Number nine: Have a Dance Party!

Number Ten: Pretend like you’re from the past and don’t know what an elevator is. (Again a costume is optional.) Push all the buttons, maybe say: “What is this contraption?” Freak out when the doors close.

These 10 things are a guarantee to make your elevator trips more entertaining. Why you would want you’re elevator trips to be more entertaining you might ask? Because of reasons!
Anyone else who now wants to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? (And I mean the original version, not the stupid one with Johnny Depp. And I don’t have anything against Johnny Depp, but that movie wasn’t for me.)

Have a nice Tuesday.


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