No-Inspiration-Thursday #1

My God, is it Thursday already? Time just flies by. I wanted to write another ThankfulThursday, but my head just isn’t in the mood. My inspiration has been running low lately. Usually when I feel like I’m uninspired I like to read a book and let my mind run wild with the story I’m reading. That didn’t help this time.
I mean I usually choose a theme that starts with the same letter as the day, but even that was too much to ask. Since I don’t have any inspiration I thought I would use some inspiration from the past. Sometimes it can help to take a step back from always moving forward and look back at all the things you’ve already accomplished. Everyone wants to fulfill their dreams, but in their drive to keep going up, they forget to look down once in a while and enjoy the view (unless you’re afraid of heights, then keep climbing).
(All of a sudden I thought of a theme for this Thursday that does start with a T, but I’ll be strong and stick with the one I choose when I started writing this post.)
For this No-Inspiration-Thursday I took a look back and found this poem I wrote for my English class in High School. I think I was like 15, maybe 16 when I wrote it. I’m not sure. So instead of forcing myself to be creative I’ll just share this poem. My English wasn’t perfect back then. I mean it still isn’t, but who cares. What I wanted to say is that I haven’t changed any grammar mistakes. This is the poem just the way it was when I wrote it 5 years ago.

Riding in a train
Destination: Unknown
Wet from the rain
I’m lost

Don’t know where I’m going
Don’t know when to stop
The wheels of the train keep rolling
And I’m still lost

You come sitting next to me
Ready to take off
You know where to be
And I? I’m still lost

The moment I want to give in
You stand and take my hand
It is as if you want to say
You’ll never be lost again!

I was such a poetic child. Not! Like every Thursday there’s a lesson to be learned. What did we learn today? Don’t push yourself too far. Take a moment to breath and to look back. Nobody expects you to always be perfect. You have this saying: Try to be the best version of you. That’s true, but everybody deserves to be a little crazy once in a while.

Have a nice Thursday.


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