Fun-Facts-Friday #1

Last week I did a FictionFriday and asked you guys for quotes and since no one left a comment… You apparently don’t like my FictionFridays. (I can’t blame you. They usually get a bit out of hand.) But I’m not mad. I really don’t care. I’ll just keep going. I’m just not writing another FictionFriday. Can you guys just feel the passive aggressiveness? The truth is, I’m just running out of fun books to use.
Back to this Friday. I did this a while back as well, you can read that post here. I found all these fun facts I just had to share with you guys. They just made everything better. Again, I’m a bit in a hurry. I almost forgot to write a post at all. (I’m sorry. I promise next week my posts will be better. I promise I’ll be better.) So I thought that this is a fun but mostly fast way to write a post.

Fun Fact 1: The most disliked video on YouTube is Justin Bieber’s Baby, with over 4,5 million dislikes.
I’m not surprised!

Fun Fact 2: A woman tried to use a fake million dollar bill to buy $1,675 worth of merchandise at Wal-Mart and expected $998,325 in change.
Only in America!

Fun Fact 3: Your taste in music can show how smart or dumb you are.
I would like everyone who thinks this is bullsh*t to go back to the first Fun Fact.

Fun Fact 4: Feeding bread to ducks actually causes many health problems for them.
What the duck?

Fun Fact 5: My computer actually stopped working while looking up Fun Facts.

Fun Fact 6: All of the bacteria in the human body collectively weighs about 4 pounds.
I’m so ready for bikini season.

Fun Fact 7: Residents of Churchill, Canada leave their cars unlocked to offer an escape for pedestrians who might encounter polar bears.
“Thank God this car was unlocked, I bear-ly made it.”

Fun Fact 8:The colder the room you sleep in, odds are high that you’ll have a bad dream.
Brace yourself. Winter is coming.

Have a nice Friday.


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