Try-This-Tuesday #1

We live in a pretty insane world. Everything seems possible, but at the same time all we can see is limitations. We all have dreams, but only a few of us are actually able to accomplish them and even then we look at what others have. We never have enough. We always want more. That’s why this Tuesday we’re trying something new. I know that there are only a few of you reading this, but that’s not going to stop me. This Try-This-Tuesday let’s do something inspiring. Something to remind us what we have. It‘ll be a fun challenge.
Find a piece of paper preferably blank, but this is your challenge so do whatever feels right. It just has to be something that you can use to write down the answers to five questions. Write down your answers any way you like. Use different colored pencils, write from right to left, just have fun. I have some example answers to give your brain some ideas.

Question one: What is a childhood dream you’ve accomplished? It can be pretty much anything.
– Finally sleeping through the night without wetting your bed
– Buying that jump rope / action figure you just had to have
– Beating your siblings at Monopoly
– Getting an A in English
– Graduating High School
– Kissing that boy / girl you liked for so long

Question two: What is a childhood dream you had to let go of? Write down why as well.
– Becoming a Veterinarian. You realized you’re afraid of animals. They’re not as fluffy as your stuffed animals.
– Becoming a Ballerina. Too much training and discipline.
– Becoming a Butterfly. Apparently humans can’t become butterflies.
– Flying. Humans can’t do that either. It’s so stupid to be human.
– Marrying your teacher. Apparently he / she is already married.

Question three: What are the dreams you have yet to accomplish?
– Travelling the world
– Buy your own house
– Finding a job you actually like
– Get married and start a family
– Get drunk for the first time
– Get drunk for the second time
– Throw up because you got drunk
– Become a doctor
– Get a pet
– Be happy

Question four: What are your limitations?
– Fear
– Social anxiety
– Bad grades
– Other people telling you you can’t do it
– Doubts
– Insecurities
– Not enough money

Question five: What inspires you?
– My family
– My friends
– CatVideos on YouTube
– Fairytales
– Medical Miracles
– Music
– Literature
– Success

You did it! You just created your own dream-cloud. Here’s mine:
Click if you want to read my answers!

Right now you have a paper full of old dreams, accomplished dreams and new dreams. There are also limitations. Things that hold you back. These limitations are what’s stopping you from accomplishing your dreams. Get another pen and cross them off. Instead focus on the things that inspire you! Maybe give your inspirations some extra bold color. Again, this is your cloud! Do whatever you want. You’re your own person!
There are so many dreams you’ve already accomplished. Don’t ever forget that. These dreams came true, because you didn’t let the limitations hold you back. Every time you feel like you’ll never be able to make your dreams come true look at your dream-cloud. Remind yourself of all the things you’ve already accomplished. Remind yourself that dreams change and that the biggest limitation is YOU! Look at the things that inspire you and make sure they keep inspiring you. Keep looking for inspiration and you’ll realize that your dream-cloud will change. Some dreams may become old dreams, while others can be marked off as accomplished dreams! Just never stop dreaming.

Anyone else think this should’ve been a Thursday post? No, just me?

Have a nice Tuesday.


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