Face-off-Friday #5

Spoiler Alert: This post is going to be full of Grey’s Anatomy and Game of Thrones spoilers. You’ve been warned!

I know George R.R. Martin is known for his ruthless murders in GoT, but I’m going to show you that there is no crueler murderer than Shonda Rhimes. This face-off-Friday Shondaland vs. George R.R. Martin.
Let this kill off begin!

Robb stark from GoT: He made a promise so he could win the war and then broke it. That’s just plain stupid. He got shot with multiple arrows. Did he deserve it? One would think so.
Lexie Grey from GA: She died in a plane crash! Did she betray anyone? Did she make a promise she didn’t keep? I don’t think so!

Viserys Targaryen from GoT: He just was a real assh*le. He used his little sister to gain more power. He wanted a gold crown so he got one!
Mark Sloan from GA: He could be an assh*le at times, but at least he had a golden heart. He barely survived the plane crash, but then died in the hospital. He wanted to be with his one true love. She killed McSteamy. Shonda, why u be so cruel?

Joffrey Baratheon from GoT: Viserys was a cutie compared to Joffrey. When he was poisoned the entire GoT fandom celebrated!!!
Reed and Percy from GA: They were pretty boring characters, but they didn’t deserve to die the way they did. They got shot by a lunatic out for revenge. How is that fair? Tell me Shonda!

Ygritte from GoT: Died in battle. That’s what happens when you’re at war. People die. (Side note: I really liked Ygritte!!!)
George O’Malley from GA: Sweetest guy in the universe. He was a bit of a softy at times, but everyone loved him! He joined the army, but got hit by a bus trying to save someone else! He didn’t do anything wrong. Everyone loved George!!!

Eddard Stark from GoT: Beheaded because he betrayed his king. That’s what kings do to traitors! They cut off your head. Winter is coming? You should have seen that one coming Stark.
Derek Shepard from GA: He saved four lives after a car crash! He saved them. It was a good day to save lives!!! Then he gets hit by a truck on his way home. Idiots at some stupid hospital can’t even order a simple CT scan and he ends up braindead. Shonda killed McDreamy! Is she crazy? You don’t just kill Derek!

George R.R. Martin may kill a character every other episode, but Shonda killed Derek. He got hit by a truck! How is Grey’s Anatomy supposed to go on without MerDer?

Have a nice Friday. I don’t even care anymore.


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