WhateverWednesday #10

This is probably going to be a short post. I can just feel your disappointment.
‘No, Charlotte! Please give us more.’
Or this is just all in my head and you couldn’t care less. Let’s just get to the thing I wanted to write about. Focus. I noticed this today and wanted to know if you ever feel the same.
‘What are you talking about, Charlotte?’
Well voice in my head that pretends to be my readers, I’m talking about walking like a supermodel while crossing the street. Still too vague? Let me paint you a picture.
There’s this Highway that goes straight to my little town. The fun thing is there’s a traffic light so all these cars have to slow down so the people who are walking can cross the street. You can just feel the annoyance radiating from the drivers. This is what I wanted to talk to you about. I have to cross this street pretty much every day. When you feel the anger from the drivers you feel really powerful. The traffic lights disappear and all of a sudden these cars stopped especially for you and have to wait till you crossed the street. You walk in front of these cars and you can feel you’re walking like a supermodel. Head up high. Your butt swaying from left to right. In the distance you can hear a car horn honking at for you.

Do any of you ever do this? Just me?
I said I’d paint you a picture. So I drew this for you guys.
I don’t even look like that at all. I don’t even wear dresses! I’m certainly not walking like a model. But whatever.

Have a nice Wednesday.


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