10-Things-Tuesday #4

I’ve been trying to get my parents to get Netflix. So I thought of ten reasons why they should get Netflix for me! Right now we have the first month free and I feel like that’s working, but just to be sure. Better safe than sorry!

Dear Dad and Mom,

  1. Movies!!! All the movies! Should I say more?
  2. Tv shows!!! All the Tv shows!
  3. Celebrities! You can literally search for specific movies that star your favourite celebrities.
  4. You have recommended movies so you don’t have to bother me every time you don’t know what to watch.
  5. It’s cheap.
  6. All the pocket money you never gave me is enough to get a lifelong membership!
  7. No stupid and boring commercials. (Also no complaining about the constant commercials.)
  8. Kids friendly. Even my older sister can use it!
  9. Available on all your devices. Your computer, your blu-ray player, your phone even your old typewriter!
  10. You can make your favourite child (ME!) very happy! That should be reason enough!


Have a nice Tuesday.

PS. Last week I forgot one tip for that How-to-Tuesday! I’m such an idiot. So here’s an extra tip.

Tip five: Keep pushing (no this is not about giving birth). Keep putting yourself in terrifying situations and you’ll realize it isn’t that bad. This elevator isn’t that scary. I can do this!


One comment

  1. I am sorry for you but 1 month is genoeg
    Your mother is getting tv ogen
    So Netflix is only for persoon who are with pensioen With regards your dad


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