ThankfulThursday #7

I made the discovery of a lifetime. My brother is taking these Japanese classes. He’s always wanted to learn Japanese, so he’s making his dreams come true. (Although, he would never say it like that!)
Yesterday, after dinner, we asked him some words in Japanese, but after a while we started asking him these really crazy words he didn’t know so we consulted google translate, as you do. This is where I made my discovery.
I started with these random words, but then I thought it would be funny to look up the Japanese word for mother. And it couldn’t have been better. The Japanese word for mother is: 母! Not funny? Wait until you hear the pronunciation. It’s literally Haha! The Japanese word for mother is Haha. That’s hilarious!!!
But that’s not all of it. I then looked up the word for father. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fair. This is the Japanese word for father: 父! The pronunciation? Chichi.
My Chichi and Haha are awesome! It’s not that I disrespect the Japanese language. I think it’s an amazing language! This just put a smile on my face for the rest of the day and for this morning as well. What could be better than a language that puts a smile on your face?

So this Thursday I’m thankful for the Japanese language!
I 愛 this language!

Have a nice Thursday.


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