WhateverWednesday #13

This week and the next couple weeks I have finals. It’s always difficult to get myself to study. I’m the type of person that reads my notes once or twice and that’s it. It just sorta sticks in my brain, but only for a limited amount of time. I had one exam today and right now I probably know 80% of all the things I had to know for the exam. Tomorrow, that percentage will have dropped to maybe 30%. And next week I’ll only remember the fun facts that nobody cares about. (Did you know that Shakespeare had his own theater called the Globe?) I have my own Control + Alt + Delete button in my brain.
Isn’t that what our school systems are teaching us, though? To remember these things for the exam, only to delete everything from our brain the moment the exam is done? Over the years my short term memory has really improved. I can read an entire book the night before an exam and pass with ease, but don’t ask me what the book was about the next morning. I wouldn’t know. My brain only really remembers the things that made an impression. The things that I found interesting, but if you don’t think that school is interesting, then what? There are other ways to learn than reading books. There are more fun ways to learn.
I don’t think I’m the right person to complain about these type of things. For the most part, I really like school. I find almost everything interesting and studying comes easy to me. I just think that we should start exploring what other ways there are that we can teach kids about the world. Not all knowledge is found in books.
Leadership with education

But what do I know right? Whatever.

Have a nice Wednesday.


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