MoodyMonday #12

Mood: Sleep-Walking

“You’re still wearing your pajamas!”
“No, I’m not! I changed my shirt!”

Anyone else ever had this conversation? I have. Maybe a bit too much lately. But why is it such a bad thing to wear your pajamas all through the day? You’re going to put them back on tonight anyway. Might as well save yourself the trouble.
They’re still considered clothes. I’m not going anywhere, anyways. Me not wearing day-clothes is just me saying I’m not leaving the house today. Which is a good thing in my opinion.
To be honest, it’s all the pajamas company’s fault. They make those things so GodDamn comfortable. Jeans are just so much work. I say we just stop forcing ourselves into these too tight and too difficult clothes and just start wearing pajamas everywhere.
You have a job interview? Wear that professional tuxedo onesie!
You’re going to church? Wear that cute white nightgown!
Going to the gym? I’m just kidding, I don’t go to the gym!
The point being, there are pajamas for every situation. Getting dressed is such a bore anyway! Wearing pajamas everywhere is going to save us a lot of time to do more fun things. Like checking your social media, or watching YouTube videos, or reading books, or watching TV Shows and movies. I only see advantages.
I mean those bananas were really living the good life!

PJ’s for the win! Say it with me: PJ’s FOR THE WIN!

Have a nice Monday.

  1. You sleep naked? Right, uhmm. Whatever floats your boat. Embrace it and just stop wearing clothes altogether. Yeey you! (Just don’t expect me to join you.)

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