TweetingTuesday #1

You people probably think this is the weirdest weekday name ever. I get it. TweetingTuesday? It sounds like a really bad stripper name, but it’s actually kinda perfect for what I want to write about.

Last night, at dinner, my family and I had this conversation about birds. Yep, my family is just as crazy as I am. But back to the birds.
It started out all cute and funny, but got ugly and depressing pretty fast. But how’s that possible? Birds are so cute and fluffy! Well, let me tell you about this cuckoo bird. Yep, that’s that annoying bird in the clocks.
This bird isn’t just annoying when it tells the time. Nope, this bird is an assh*le in real-life as well.
They’re as lazy as f*ck! When the female cuckoo bird lays her eggs, she doesn’t built herself a nice nest. She just drops her eggs in another bird’s nest. Like f*ck it. I have better things to do! But that isn’t the worst part. When she lays her eggs she actually takes the eggs from the bird that actually worked her butt of to build a nice nest. The cuckoo bird is just a heartless baby bird killer!
You might wonder why she does that…
Well, because now the hard working momma bird will actually think that the little cuckoo babies are her babies. She’ll feed them and take care of them ‘till mama lazy-ass cuckoo bird shows up and takes them away.
Are you tweeting kidding me! I really hate that stupid bird.

I’m really glad I got this of my  chest. I feel better.

Have a nice Tuesday.


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