WhateverWednesday #14

I saw this amazing teabag thingie you can use to make tea.
First of all, I want this so much! I really need this in my life. Second of all, it looks like this guy is shitting his pants. You can just see the satisfaction on his face. He’s all like: “Yes, I’m taking a relaxing bath and yes, I know I’m shitting my pants.” The thing is, he does it with such confidence. I can respect that.
(Okay, in my head this teabag thingie just turned into a real guy. It’s just a plastic person! Calm down.)
But just think how it would look if you had green tea. It would literally look like some guy was peeing in your tea. I just love it!

I don’t know if this post made sense at all. I had another exam today and I’m practically braindead right now. But whatever.

Have a nice Wednesday


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