MoodyMonday #13

Mood: Rebellious

As a literary student I spend a lot of my time reading. Words are kind of my thing. There are hundreds of different languages in the world and billions of different words. Making up words for things is the best thing there is. Some words make sense others seem totally random. We pick these random letters, put them in some random order and choose an object or meaning to go with the word. Couch, tree, car, love, winter, art, crazy, etc. There are some pretty awesome words out there. We also have words that seem to make a bit more sense. Toothpick, underwear, sunscreen, ice-cream, but what I really want to talk about is sports bras. (Yep, this entire introduction was all so I could talk about sports bras.)
This word makes sense. It’s a bra you’re supposed to wear when you do sports. That’s just what it is, no question about it. I just have a habit of buying these type of things and then using them for something completely different. Sports bras are all about working out and being healthy. Yet, I use my sports bras as pajamas. I love sleeping in my sports bra. They’re called sports bras for a reason and yet I’m doing the exact opposite when I’m wearing them. I like to think I’m an innovator, but in truth I’m just lazy. And I’m okay with that.
(I was looking for a picture to use for this post and found this piece of art I just had to share!)

Back to the actual post.
That’s why I would like to give sports bras a new name. Something that’s a bit more fitting. Nothing weird, just straight to the point. A name that they deserve! (I’m hesitating between some different options so I’m just going to drop them all down here and let you decide.)
Option one is fun, but a bit hard to pronounce. Comfortable boob holders. Maybe we can call them CBH’s for short?
Option two seems perfect, but is a bit on the longer side. Sports-bras-that-can-also-be-used-as-pajamas.
Option three is my favorite, but might be a bit too intense. Boobcuddler.
Option four, I’m not so sure when it some to this one. Slorts bra or maybe spleeping bra?

What do you think?

Have a nice Monday.


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