10-things-Tuesday #7

Everyone is different, but there are certain things that everyone can relate to. The fear you feel when your phone only has a 10% battery life left, the smell of a new book, the tears streaming down your face from laughing, the taste of a good cup of coffee or maybe the chills on your arms and legs from listening to a good song.
I thought it would be fun to make another 10-things list, but this time I’d list 10 things every woman in the world will understand. While making this I realized how hard it is to think of things that every woman in the world can relate to. The truth is, it’s pretty much impossible, but these are some things I think most women can relate to.

  1. To keep the theme from yesterday’s post going. The feeling of taking off your bra after a long day. It truly feels amazing.
  2. Something else that all women will understand is the feeling of jumping up and down without wearing a bra. Gravity can be fun some times.
  3. Or maybe buying the entire store’s supply of tampons when someone you know is behind the counter. Not a enjoyable moment.
  4. Feeling your legs after you just shaved (or is that just me?)
  5. Getting your make-up right after the first try. (But what do I know about that, right?)
  6. Buying way too much new clothes and only wearing half of them. The other clothes will just stay in your closet for the rest of forever.
  7. Fixing things without any help from others. Just remember righty tighty, lefty loosey!
  8. Being called ma’am when you’re obviously still a girl.
  9. Swaying your butt like you just don’t care (especially when you’re wearing skinny jeans), because you’re butt just won’t quit.
  10. Using a public bathroom that is actually clean, but still squatting because you don’t want no diseases.

How about you? Can you relate?

Have a nice Tuesday.


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