FictionFriday #5

Inspiration can be found in the most unusual of places. Usually, when I write FictionFridays I pick four quotes and turn them into a new story. Today, I found my inspiration somewhere else. I had to go to my university to hand in my paper. On my way back to the train station this girl was walking behind me. She was stamping her feet like she was in some kind of marching band. For just a moment I was convinced a horse was walking behind me. Horses don’t usually walk through the streets in a crowded city. It inspired me to write this:

Ghost Horse
I can hear the stamping of your feet
The sound does not belong in this loud city
For a while I think a horse is following me
A horse lost in a violent place

The sound is creeping up on me
You walk with purpose, with determination
But does anyone really know where they’re going?
You walk past me and the horse is lost, never to be found again

I never really liked horses anyway.

I hope you guys like it!

Have a nice Friday.


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