MoodyMonday #16

Mood: Feeling like Superwoman.

I consider myself an athletic person (I can just hear my family laughing right now). Let me elaborate. I think I can do pretty much anything, that doesn’t mean I’ll actually do it. In my head I have this idea that I’m amazing and the world should be lucky to have me, but then I wake up…
It’s just that every time I watch an action movie and see the main character fighting and shooting guns and jumping from buildings there’s always that voice in my head that’s like: “Yeah, I could do that.” (Probably not in this universe, but there is some parallel universe out there where I’m kicking ass.)
Normally, I don’t actually go jumping from buildings to see if the voice in my head is right, but once in a while I’ll give it a shot. (This is not me telling you to go jump from buildings, just stay in your seat in front of your computer where it’s safe.) I don’t even remember what I was watching, but these guys were doing push-ups without a single drop of sweat sliding down their faces.
200 (2)
They made it look so easy and before I knew it the voice in my head was getting excited. “You can do that too. Just give it a shot.”
And the idiot that I am, I actually got down on the ground. There I was, facing the floor my arms already shaking. I did a total of one push-up before my arms give in and I fell down on the ground. I felt like a complete idiot. It wasn’t my finest moment.
200 (1)
But, then, why am I feeling like Superwoman?
Well, let me tell you. I decided that I wanted to be able to do at least ten push-ups. I know, ten push-ups is like only eating one kernel of popcorn, but that was enough for me. I actually decided to do push-ups twice a day and believe it or not, I can actually do ten push-ups!!! I mean, I sound like I’m murdering a cow or something, but I CAN DO TEN PUSH-UPS. And I don’t see a cow doing ten push-ups any time soon.

It just shows that you don’t have to be the best at something. If you set a goal and you make it, that’s all that matters.

Have a nice Monday.


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