WordWednesday #1

I’ve been doing a lot of WhateverWednesdays so I thought I would change things up a bit. It’s really hot outside right now and my brain has been hitting the snooze-button all day, so a really intense or funny post isn’t going to happen. Instead I thought I would just write a short story. Nothing fancy, just whatever pops into my head.

Walking outside I see the sun, shining bright every day. Always giving light, fighting the darkness. Isn’t it funny that by lighting up one thing, another shadow appears? We can’t brighten our world, without keeping some shadows around. We just need to remember that there is beauty in shadow as well.
I mean, we can’t be happy without feeling sad. We can’t understand love without knowing pain. We can’t be brave without having fear.
We need to allow ourselves to embrace the darkness, because only through darkness can we find the light. And even when you think there is no more light to find, keep looking, because the sun will always rise.

Everyone feels sad once in a while, just remember that that’s okay.

Have a nice Wednesday.


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