WordWednesday #2

Dear readers,

I started writing this blog, not knowing what it would turn into. I never expected it to turn into what it is today. People actually like what I have to say. Reading your stories is what kept me going. I aspire to be as creative, inventive, inspiring and persistent as all of you. Thank you for that!
Over time I’ve realized that I prefer to write short stories and poems. It’s a way to just let my creativity run free. You get a little peek into my brain. (I know, it can be a scary place!) I usually don’t write the stories beforehand. I just start writing. I don’t know what I’ll end up with, but that’s what makes writing these posts so much fun. I really don’t know why this post is so sentimental and sincere… I’m usually not like this. I swear!
Are you ready to go on another adventure together? I promise that no matter what happens I’ll keep you safe. Here we go. This one is for all of you!


Tears stream down my face. Outside, rain falls down from the sky. The sky cries with me. Yesterday was such a good day. I finally felt better. I felt strong. I still don’t understand what went wrong. The sun was out and the warmth felt good. Why does my world keep falling apart? Why can’t I understand what is wrong?
When I’m around other people, everything seems okay. I keep the pain inside, but no matter how hard I try, it’s always there. Lingering, waiting to strike. I can pretend all I want. I can build walls as high as the sky. I can conceal it deep inside. How will I be able to win this fight?
In the distant I see her. She is soaked wet from the rain. She runs, but there is no point. The rain is too heavy, too strong. She’ll drown.
I don’t know what happens. One moment I’m looking at her, not knowing what to do. The next I’m standing by her side. I grab her hand. She looks at me and for a moment time stops. For a moment nothing matters. I can see the pain behind her eyes. I know she can see my pain as well, but for once I don’t have to pretend. I don’t have to hide. She knows. She understands. I know. I understand. She is what I’ve been waiting for. She is the one that will save me. Just like I’m the one that will save her. We were always meant to save each other.

I hope you liked it.

Have a nice Wednesday.




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