WordWednesday #3

All my posts start with a theme. It can be anything. Sometimes it’s an idea that has been stuck in my head for a while and sometimes I don’t know what the theme will be until I start writing. This particular theme is one of my favourites. It’s the day in the week that I just start writing. No plan. No ideas. Just words. Sometimes it’s as simple as that. No overthinking just going with your gut. I always end these posts with some kind of story or poem. Again, nothing planned. Just letting my imagination take over. It’s a fun thing to do. Maybe try it sometime.

I can see her. She’s smiling back at me. She looks so happy. There is this twinkle in her eyes. I wish I could be happy like that. I wish I could smile like that.
She has these amazing brown eyes. They look right into my soul. I can’t hide anything from her. She knows all my secrets.
She’s still smiling. She looks cute when she smiles. Her hair is flawless. My hair isn’t flawless. My hair is a mess. Well, at least it’s my mess. I sigh.
I want to be pretty like her. Why can’t I be more like her? Why can’t I be more like the girl that’s looking back at me in the mirror? Why can’t I be myself?
She is me and I am her. Does that mean I am pretty, too?

The mirror can be a powerful thing. I hope you liked these words…

Have a nice Wednesday.



  1. Hi my ongoing theme is a 40 pound dictionary…Did you know that there are 160 pages of
    A’s? I never thought of it …how many words we have that start with A. Mind-boggling. and that there are 25 more letters ahead of me…and that 2058 pages of words…Being that 58 is my lucky no. it’s a goal that might take me a while. It makes a person wander amongst words differently.

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