FictionFriday #9

FictionFridays are about finding inspiration. Today was my last day in the Czech Republic. It was an amazing vacation, but after two weeks I really want to go back home. To my own bed, my own shower, my own internet. Home is where the heart is. That’s what everybody keeps telling me. I don’t agree. Home is where you know how to use the shower. That’s what I think. Home is where you know the Wi-Fi password. You know what I’m talking about. That place that is just yours.
It’s not hard to guess where I found my inspiration this week.

The word sounds strange to me.
Can you have a home but no house?
Can you have a house but no home?
I had a home once, I think.
A place I felt safe.
Now, I just seem lost.
Going from one place to another.
Maybe you don’t truly know what a home is,
until you’ve already lost it.
I’ve lost my home.
Now, I just want it back!

Have a nice Friday.


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