MoodyMonday #21

Mood: Furiously thirsty

I know most people hate commercials, but I’m usually that person that quite enjoys them. They never make sense and it always seem like the actors have never acted before in their life, which they probably haven’t. I love it! It makes me feel all happy inside. There’s just this one particular commercial I hate with a passion. And it’s not because it’s a bad commercial. I hate it because this commercial actually works. And that’s against the rules. Commercials are supposed to suck!
It’s a Sprite commercial.
I’ve never actually had Sprite, but I’m pretty sure it must suck! So the commercial is usually on the radio. This guy taunts you not to get thirsty.
‘Don’t get thirsty. Don’t do it. You got thirsty, didn’t you?!?’
While in the background you hear someone opening a bottle of Sprite. I just hate it, because every time this commercials starts I try not the get thirsty, but every freaking time I do! Ugh! God, that guy is annoying. I could seriously punch him in the face!
I hate Sprite!

I really needed to get this off my chest. Thanks for listening.

Have a nice Monday.


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