10-things-Tuesday #13

Sometimes, it’s hard to find inspiration and to keep going. We all have those days we just want to stay in bed. So, here are 10 things to inspire you to get out of bed in the morning.

Number one: The fact that planes can fly! It’s basically a metal box that just floats in the air. How? It’s magic. If those metal boxes can stay up in the air, you can get out of bed.

Number two: Food. Just think about that bacon breakfast! (Or about those breakfast veggies if you’re vegan.)

Number three: … You’ll have to go to the bathroom at some point!

Number four: Uhm. The universe is infinite, think about all the things you could do today.
Fusion x64 TIFF File

Number five: Oh, who am I kidding. The universe doesn’t care!

Number six: I give up!

Number seven: Just spend the rest of your lives I bed! Just watch some Netflix!

Number eight: I mean, I’m writing this post in the comfort of my own bed…

Number nine: I’m staying right here.

Number ten: Planes crash all the time.

Have a nice Tuesday.


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