10-things-Tuesday #14

Things are about to get serious! Last week I went on a city trip to Dublin and like every tourist I feel like I know everything there is to know about Dublin. I really feel like I know what Dublin is about and that’s exactly why I feel comfortable writing this post. (*cough* sarcasm *cough*) Here are 10 things I learned on my trip to Dublin.

Number one: Every single person in Dublin is colorblind. I’m not being mean. Really I’m not. The people there just don’t seem to know the difference between a red and green traffic light and colorblindness is the only logical explanation. Red light? Who cares, the cars will wait until I’ve crossed the street, they know how awesome I am. They can sense my awesomeness radiating towards their cars.

Number two: They say they speak English, but I’m still not convinced. That Irish accent is basically another language. It sounds amazing, though!

Number three: They don’t drink water, they just drink beer. I’m not even kidding, the water faucet is basically a beer faucet.

Number four: Their traffic lights make a Star Wars sound when it turns green. You know that sound the lightsabers make? That’s it.
It’s too bad they don’t wait for the traffic lights to turn green. They probably don’t even know the awesome sound it makes!

Number five: The homeless people are so tired of having to beg for their money, they will literally read a book with a cup in front of them. They read for money! Others just don’t even bother and just put the cup in front of them and take a nap. There are even students begging for money! (If this doesn’t show what’s wrong with our world, I don’t know what does!)

Number six: The Irish are the only people in the world who still know good music. Every night the city is filled with music. The pubs are full with people who just want to enjoy some old fashioned good music! I love those performers.

Number seven: They let you touch dead people!!! More about this in Thursday’s post!

Number eight: There are more churches than people, which means they are probably a very religious people. Right?

Number nine: Their history is violent, amazing and fascinating. Revolutions, wars and uprisings are nothing to these incredibly strong people.

Number ten: I love this city!

Have a nice Tuesday.



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