Thought-of-the-day-Thursday #7

Today, I had this thought…

I was thinking about the origin of language. Don’t we all sometimes. And in my very weird and crazy head I came up with this scenario.
For some reason I felt very certain that it was a man that spoke for the first time. We all know that men only care about one thing, getting laid. So, many many years ago, there was this caveman who found himself a pretty lady, but she wasn’t responding to his sensual and animal grunts. He had to try something else. He walked up to her, gave her a pretty smile and not only spoke the first words, he also used the first ever pick-up line.
“My heart’s on fire.”
To which the pretty lady replied: “Why?”
“You struck me with your lightning.”

Do you get it? Lightning and fire!
That’s how historians think the first fire was created, by lightning hitting a tree. Oh, never mind. You get it.

Have a nice Thursday.


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