FictionFriday #13

For the people who have never read my FictionFridays before, these posts are about inspiration. As someone who blogs every weekday inspiration can be hard to find sometimes. This post is about finding inspiration in the weirdest of places. Inspiration has this way of sneaking up on you. You might not be looking for it, but inspiration doesn’t care. She’ll jump you from behind and mess up the rest of your day, because now you’re stuck with this idea in your head and keep thinking about it until you’ve written it all down.
This week I was inspired by… Well, to be completely honest, I wasn’t. This is what happens when I write without inspiration.

The void

Crazy thoughts floating through my head
Why do birds chirp?
Why can’t curtains stop all the sunlight?
Why does that cloud look like a boxing kangaroo?

The one voice that can never be silenced
Does that man know I’m looking at him?
Does that fly know it’s annoying me?
Does that fly know it’s about to die?

That one voice that always tells the truth
She looks fat in that dress
Your voice is annoying me, please stop talking
You’re wasting my time

Even at night, still talking…
You made a complete fool of yourself
Everybody was looking at you
If the universe is infinite and our planet is just this little spot in this big universe and I’m an even smaller spot on earth, then maybe it doesn’t matter that you fell on your face at the train station?

PLEASE, STOP, I scream into the void of my mind.
Nobody is listening.

Have a nice Friday.


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