FictionFriday #14

For the people who have never read my FictionFridays before, these posts are about inspiration. As someone who blogs every weekday inspiration can be hard to find sometimes. This post is about finding inspiration in the weirdest of places. Inspiration has this way of sneaking up on you. You might not be looking for it, but inspiration doesn’t care. She’ll jump you from behind and mess up the rest of your day, because now you’re stuck with this idea in your head and keep thinking about it until you’ve written it all down.
This week I was inspired by the fact that I have this cold and can’t stop sneezing. It’s not a pretty sight.
giphy (2)

Runny Nose
andom snot dripping from my nose
Not enough tissue paper
Never ending
Yell mercy!

No cure
Obviously, my brain can’t function
Sneezes leave me unsatisfied
Evil nose, please run away for real!

Have a nice Friday.



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