MoodyMonday #24

Mood: Feeling everything

Sometimes it can be difficult to write five posts a week. I started this blog with an idea and it was fun and exciting for the first few weeks, but then you hit this wall. It’s no longer fun and instead of looking forward to writing something new it becomes a burden. But that’s what life is, isn’t it? It’s not giving up. It’s about fighting to succeed. If you really want something you can’t hide away. Because if you do, you lose yourself.
I’m surrounded by people who push. Who truly believe in what they want and excel at it. My sister, my brother, my parents.
I know what I want. I want to be a writer. It’s what I’ve wanted for so long. This blog was a way of getting started. A way of getting my stuff out into the real world. And here I found other amazing people. Other writers. Other inspirers.
I don’t know what this blog was going to be when I started writing. I just hope that when others read my posts they get inspired too.
Maybe this post is just a thank you to all the people in my life who inspire me.
Thank you.

Have a nice Monday.


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