10-things-Tuesday #16

You ever feel old? Yeah, me too. Here are 10 signs you’re getting old.

  1. The word ‘fashion’ sounds exhausting. You don’t even know where to get the clothes that all the ‘young kids’ are wearing these days. I mean, sweats are fashion too, right?
  2. You use the term the ‘young kids’!
  3. “When I was your age.” Has become your new catch phrase.
  4. People call you sir/madam way too often.
  5. Writing yes like yas just doesn’t make sense.
  6. Technology confuses you.
  7. You get all the dirty jokes in all the Disney movies.
  8. To you Ariana Grande is the new drink at StarBucks.
  9. And One Direction is your new GPS system.
  10. Throwing a tantrum is no longer considered cute when you do it. Now it’s just pathetic.

Have a nice Tuesday.



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