MoodyMonday #27

Mood: Like I owe you guys an apology

Holy cow, you take a break from WordPress for a while and all of a sudden everything changed. The whole website is different. But, I can handle it. No worries.

I know, I haven’t written any posts in a while (like in a long while). I don’t know what happened. Okay, I do. Life happened. Okay, maybe laziness happened. Writing five posts a week is just too much I’ve realized. All of a sudden I dreaded writing new posts and before I knew it I stopped altogether.
But because I really do believe you should learn from your mistakes I’m trying again. I won’t be writing five posts a week anymore. But don’t worry, the themes stay! I really want to at least write one post every week (when I’m feeling funky I’ll write more). Things might be a bit different or maybe you don’t even care. All that matters is that I want to start writing again. This week I might still be figuring some things out and make some changes, but next week sh*ts about to go down!

For the people who actually felt like I abandoned them, I’m sorry. I promise I’ll make it up to you.

Have a nice Monday.



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