WordWednesday #11

You ready? Let’s do this. Here’s how it works: No plan. No ideas. Just words!

The Little Gnome
There once was a gnome dreaming of being a giant. He tried everything: jumping up and down, eating all the vegetables he could find, drinking the poisons from the witch next door, but nothing worked. The gnome got sad and refused to go outside. He stayed inside dreaming of being a giant, knowing that was the only way. His friends wanted to help, but this little gnome felt so sad that even his friends couldn’t cheer him up. After a while they gave up.

Years passed by and everyone forgot about the little gnome who dreamed of being a giant. But, he was still there, dreaming of things that would never be. Until one day, someone knocked at the gnome’s door. At first he refused to get out of bed, but the stranger kept knocking. Reluctantly, the gnome got out of bed and opened the door. To his surprise in front of him stood the most beautiful girl-gnome he had ever seen. He had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t still dreaming.
The girl-gnome had moved into the tree next door and had baked her new neighbor an acorn pie. Together they ate from the pie and for the first time our little gnome was happy to be awake. He had forgotten about his dream of being a giant and knew he had always been supposed to be a little gnome. Because no matter how much he loved being a giant, he loved this little girl-gnome a hundred times more.

I hope you like these words.

Have a nice Wednesday.


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