How-to-Tuesday #9

This Tuesday: How to get motivated to exercise?

It’s almost that time of year again, New Year’s Eve, and you know what that means. New Year’s resolutions. Eating healthier, going out more, studying more, spending more time with friends and family and probably the most common resolution of all: exercising. I’m probably the most lazy person you’ll ever meet so here are my 5 stages of exercise.

Denial: I’m feeling good. I’m ready to do this. Gym, here I come! I got this! No problem. My body will look incredible.

Anger: I totally didn’t go to the gym last night. I’m an awful person. I’m such an idiot. I hate myself!

Bargaining: I’ll just have that one cookie and instead of watching TV I’ll go running tonight. Yeah, no worries.

Depression: It was just one cookie… Okay, maybe two… and a half. But come on, that half cookie didn’t count. I should have gone running, though. I know. I’m fat.

Acceptance: It’s fine I don’t need to go to the gym. My body looks amazing anyways. There’s just more of me to love. I mean, who really cares? I don’t.

Hey, look a cookie!


Have a nice Tuesday.


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  1. !

    Looool! So, so like me! Although not the fatness aspect-the way I’m thin, I don’t think I’ll ever be fat. Too many times we quench our own fire, and allow our resolve to dissolve.

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