FictionFriday #17

FictionFridays are all about finding inspiration in the craziest of places. This Friday I was inspired by the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Hate Love

Oh, no… The whole family is coming.
Cooking, cleaning and always some shortcoming
always a flaw, something to complain.
Why does Christmas always have to be such a pain?

Are you still single?
Found a job yet?
Did you do that to your hair on purpose?

Hold on just a moment longer.
It’ll make you stronger.
Before you know it they’ll be out the door
and they won’t be back for another year more.

How’s college?
Really, still single?
Have you gained weight?

They drive you crazy.
They make you feel incredibly lazy.
But every year they’re always there
to remind you that even though you hate them, you actually really care.

Have a very merry Christmas!



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