SassySaturday #1

I’m writing this gigantic essay right now and I just needed a break. The post probably doesn’t make any sense, but it made me laugh.

No, Facebook, I don’t want to share that memory from two years ago. I spend more than enough  time remembering awkward moments without your stupid reminders.

Yes, mom, I do know how to load the dishwasher. You just do it so much better.

No, Donald Trump, you are an idiot!

No, terms and conditions, I haven’t read the whole thing. Yes, I do agree, though!

Yes, Netflix, I do want to keep watching. Stop judging me. I know I make poor life-choices!

No, Freud, I don’t kiss my mother with that mouth.

Yes, McDonald’s, I would like fries with that! Are there really people who say no to fries?

Have a nice Saturday.


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