10-things-Tuesday #17

My second semester just started and I’ve only considered dropping out about 10 times. I’m so proud.
Here are 10 things I hate about starting a new semester in college.


Number one: Alarm clocks. Do I need to say anymore?

Number two: Introductory classes. I really don’t need the professor to read the planner and tell us which articles and books we’re reading this semester. I got that planner four weeks ago and I know how to read. I think I can figure it out myself. And I don’t need you to tell us what we’ll be learning this semester either. How about you just start teaching.

Number three: And really, do we still need to say our names to introduce ourselves. We’re in college. Nobody cares about names. I won’t remember them anyways. I either feel like I’m still in elementary school or attending an AA-meeting. “Hi, my name is Charlotte. I’ve been sober for 2 days now.”

Number four: Group-presentations. More specifically, making groups for those presentations. It’s high school all over again: everyone feels awkward and no one ends up with the people they want to end up with. Stop forcing us to work together. One person ends up doing all the work anyways. There’s always this one person whose name you always forget. And the one who is always late. (I hate that person.) Or the one that doesn’t do sh*t, but starts complaining when the presentation is finally finished. Oh, and then there’s the one that doesn’t know anything, but does make these amazing PowerPoint presentations (that’s me). It’s just so useless.

Number five: Unplanned excursions. One of my professors thought it would be a fun idea to walk around Leiden (it’s this city in the Netherlands. Google it!) for our first class. I didn’t dress to go for a walk. Most of the girls in my class were wearing 50 inch heels. Walking alone is a challenge, walking on the cobble stones in Leiden is impossible.

Number six: Pressure pushing professors. They tell you all these things you need to do this semester. All the presentations, written assignments, finals and so much more. They just keep throwing them in your face. A 3000-word paper for you, a 45 minute presentation for the guy crying in the front, a two hour final for the girl who fainted in the back. It’s like Oprah: You get an F, you get an F, everybody gets an F.
F- you!

Number seven: That one overly excited student that won’t keep his mouth shut. It’s our first class. Please, just take it easy. I’m still waking up back here. Give me a minute to adjust.

Number eight: New schoolbooks. Why do those things need to be so damn expensive? And I don’t know if this is just me, but my books are usually written by the professors that are teaching the class. They are making hard cash by making us buy their books and then only make us read one chapter. Are you kidding me?

Number nine: Mondays!

Number ten: Professors that expect us to know everything. You already know everything about Appadurai, right? We’ll move on to then. Wait, who? Did he just say a name or did he just make up a new word? What happened? I’m so screwed.

Thank you. I really needed this. You’re such great listeners.

Have a nice Tuesday.


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