The 10 Stages Every Book-Lover Goes Through Before Starting a New Book

10-Things-Tuesday #18

  1. The I-have-nothing-to-read stage

This is where it all begins. Your TBR (to be read) pile has taken over your room, but none of the books on the pile feel right. You’re still dealing with the emotional rollercoaster from the last book you read and you need to find that one perfect soulmate book that will make you feel better.


  1. The let’s-create-a-reading-list stage

After going through your TBR pile a hundred times you finally realise it’s not going to work. So instead you decide to make a reading list. And not just any reading list. Your list will look like a piece of art with the perfect handwriting and decorations. You just know that if you have all your books organised the right book will just magically come to you.


  1. The let’s-order-my-bookcase-by-colour stage

After you finish the list and you still haven’t found that soulmate book you are looking for, you focus your energy on the books you have read and start rearranging your bookcase.


  1. The I-need-more-books stage

After your bookcase looks like a colourful rainbow you admit to yourself that maybe you just haven’t bought that soulmate book yet and you just need to buy some new books.


  1. The I-need-to-update-my-list stage

This, however, also means you have to update your amazing reading list.


  1. The maybe-if-I-hold-the-book-I-will-want-to-read-it stage

Now you have ten more books and still nothing to read. You just know that your soulmate book is out there and maybe holding all your TBR books one by one will send you some divine message.


  1. The let’s-order-my-bookcase-alphabetically stage

Again, you give up and go back to your bookcase. The rainbow just doesn’t feel like you.


  1. The I-have-too-many-books stage

This is when desperation sets in and you realise you just have too many books to choose from. You end up crying on the floor desperately holding onto your TBR pile.


  1. The I-hate-reading stage

Eventually, you decide you hate reading and will never touch another book ever again. They betrayed you!


  1. The let’s-just-read-Harry-Potter-again stage

Days later you walk past your bookcase and see the cover of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone staring back at you. Without thinking you grab it from the shelf and disappear into the magical world of Harry Potter.

giphy (1)

Have a nice 10-Things-Tuesday!



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