WordWednesday #16

Are you ready? Let’s do this. Here’s how it works: No plan. No ideas. Just words!

When clouds swallow mountains
And water hits against rock
The land will turn green

When mountains touch the sun
And rocks turn into castles
The sky will turn blue

And from these dancing colours
Scotland is born

Have a nice Wednesday!



  1. Wonderful words.

    I have to admit it (Scotland) can look lovely, I do take it for granted and bash it sometimes for being so wet / miserable / etc here. But it can also be pretty (and I too have pictures which prove it).

    Thank you for reminding me that there are days with blue skies and sunshine, even here.

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      1. I went walking here 2 weeks ago (theres a poem about it a few days back) it rained for 3 out of 4 days and I thought I was lucky! 😂 Sadly I havent yet been to the Netherlands, I am considering coming for the tulips one year…


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