A Look Inside My Brain

ThankfulThursday #10


Every once in a while I like to write a post about something that I am grateful for. Granted, the last time I wrote this kind of post was on February 2nd, but we can just pretend like that doesn’t matter. I mean, I’ve been busy people…

Yeah, right Charlotte. You’ve been busy? With what? Sleeping?

Thank you voice in my head that pretends to be my readers. I love you too.

To be fair, though, sleeping does take a lot of time.

However, let’s get back to writing this post.

This Thursday I am thankful for my family. Just kidding, this isn’t going to be one of those deep and sad posts. Although, family if you are reading this. I love you!

This Thursday I really wanted to take some time to thank my brain for always coming up with these crazy scenarios, always turning everything into a story and making the most dull of moments so much more fun.

You do know that hearing voices is not normal right?

Who cares?

I mean, the other day I was preparing dinner. (My mom is on vacation with my grandma which means I’m the house-elf for the week. Just one more day and Dobby is a free elf!) However, as I was preparing dinner I was having these crazy conversations with the food. I was complaining to the timer to stop being so loud! And then proceeded to tell the potatoes not to be so aggressive when the water boiled out of the pan. I asked the sausages that were spitting oil at me why they had to be so hot. And wondered why the knife I threw towards the sink just had to fall on the floor. It was a crazy time!

The truth is, I hate cooking. It’s stressful and never works out the way I want it to. My brain just helps make it more fun and in this world where everything always seems to go wrong, we can all use some positivity.

Hey, look at that. This is a deep post.

Have a nice Thursday.

Ps. I did make some amazing French toast yesterday!



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