Mindfulness: What is it and how do I get people to stop talking about it?

FreedomFriday #2


For a really long time, all people talked about was cross-fit and the fact that they were vegan. Lately, a new trend has worked its way into every conversation. No, Martha, it isn’t Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Okay, that wasn’t funny. Okay, maybe a little.

But, the thing I’m talking about is mindfulness. It’s everywhere. It won’t be long until this trend will die and go to whatever place trends go to after they are no longer popular. Probably, some kind of government garbage site, maybe even area 51. Who knows?

But first things first, what is mindfulness? Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. At least, that is what Berkley University has to say about it. Mindfulness is basically living in the moment, experiencing every little detail and being aware of the things surrounding you. Mindfulness basically wants us to get our heads out of the clouds and on to the ground. It’s a way to get you to stop overthinking the future by thinking about everything that’s happening in the present.


Do you have conversations with people and zone-out somewhere in the middle of talking to them?

Or do you ask people a question and don’t even pay attention long enough to hear the answer?

Then maybe you need mindfulness. And don’t worry, it’s not some weird spiritual thing. It’s very serious. They teach you how to be more aware in some really intense ways. For example, you have to eat a raisin, but before you swallow it you have to be aware of the raisin and really feel the raisin in your mouth. You and the raisin have to bond and really feel connected… And then you can eat it. Another example is consciously brushing your teeth. Really feel the toothbrush.

So, I tried it. I consciously brushed my teeth. This is what happened:

I can do this. This is easy. I can feel the brush on my teeth, irritating my gums. The toothbrush kind of has a nice hum. Honestly, I’m an absolute pro at this mindfulness. Look at that brush go round and round. Isn’t it funny how my electric toothbrush does all the work for me, but I still move the brush in circles? I mean, I could just keep it still, but here my hands go moving in circles like it’s their favourite thing in the world. It’s kind of weird how we use an electric device to brush our teeth. How lazy are we humans? What’s next? A robot brushing my teeth for me? Probably.

Oh, wait!

I’m supposed to be paying attention. Well, I’m almost done now anyways. This was fun…

Okay, time for bed.

Maybe I should be more present, but honestly, people don’t know what it’s like living in my head. It’s just so much more fun up here. There are moments, though, where I zone-out when I shouldn’t. Sometimes I just nod while having a conversation and don’t even know what we’re talking about. I am working on it, though. And although mindfulness isn’t for me, it has shown me how unaware I am at times. So, maybe it’s a good thing we’re talking about it. It’s helped me.

Have a nice Friday.



  1. Definitely a funny but important post. I have often wondered in this day and age how our mindfulness has been affected by the constant bombardment of media and so on from our phones etc. Sometimes it’s nice to try and get away from it all and just have some quiet and give ourselves a chance to reset. It’s also important in our personal relationships to try and keep the mindfulness and keep an interpersonal connection with those we care about most.

    By the way when I try something like you did with the brushing I have the same problem…I start trying to think about one specific thing etc. and before I know it my mind wanders to some funny and strange places…..

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  2. “Do you have conversations with people and zone-out somewhere in the middle of talking to them?”

    ALL THE TIME!!!!!

    I’ve learned a trick similar to the solution you offered in your post. I have to repeat (in my mind) everything the person is saying so that my mind stays focused on the present moment and doesn’t wander. I’m pretty much talking myself through a conversation. I know it sounds weird but it’s helped me to become a much better listener and actually hear and process the words/sentences that the person is saying.

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    1. That’s actually a good idea! I’ll give it a shot. Sometimes there are moments where I ask someone what time it is and don’t even listen to the answer. 😂 I’m willing to try anything at this point! Thank you for the tip!

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