Be Happy For No Reason

FictionFriday #24


Kids play, kids laugh, and never worry
They run, they smile, are never sorry
About things they know won’t last
About things that happened in the past

Adults think, adults cry, and always worry
They hide, they frown, are always sorry
About things they think will last
About things that happened in the past

Kids are happy for no reason
Enjoy life and every season
Adults are afraid of giving in
To happiness and let sadness win

Happiness can not be found
It’s always there, it’s all around

Have a nice Friday!



  1. I like this, it reminds me that kids have this innocence that is to be envied and sought after. Often times as adults we do exactly as it says, worry about things that we think are going to last and ultimately they don’t. In that pursuit however we loose that innocent happiness and laughter that was so uplifting.

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      1. Wasn’t that the book that they recently came out with a movie about? I think it was this past year in 2017 but then again it could be that family just watched it the first time this past year…from what I remembered seeing, it seemed like a good story.

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        1. They did turn it into an animation film not too long ago. They changed the story, but the message still remained the same. If you ever come across the book I recommend buying it. It’s a children’s book, but those are usually the most fun to read!


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