A Call for Help

ThoughtfulThursday #2

Freezing in the cold
No house to call your home
A cup in hand
Begging for a single penny
Just so you can eat
But hate is all you receive

Despair on your face
Hopelessness your only friend
I too looked with disgust
Just get yourself a job
But I don’t know your story
I don’t know your pain

I’m sorry for ignoring
Your call for help

There are so many people begging in the streets of Edinburgh. They sit with a cup in their hand waiting for a kind soul to give them some money. I felt no sympathy for them. I didn’t feel the need to give them anything. I was even annoyed by their presence. Maybe writing this poem is hypocritical, but I realised how selfish I was in that moment. Joking how they should just get a job. I truly believe that kindness is our most powerful superpower, but I failed. I failed to be kind and I failed to feel empathy. I will try to do better!

Have a nice Thursday.



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