Are you a brain or are you a heart?

Thinking-out-loud-Tuesday #4


It’s time for another stream of consciousness post. I really love writing these posts because I can just let my brain go wild and write whatever I want. No editing, just writing my thoughts as they slip into my head.

Isn’t it funny how we learn to edit our own thoughts. We learn which thoughts are okay to share and which are not. We only show the parts of ourselves that will be accepted by others. There are moments, however, where we cannot control our impulses and we are unable to edit our thoughts before we speak. We blurt out our darkest secrets and share our most inner truths. It happens when we get too emotional. We literally feel so many emotions that we have to let them out. People weren’t built to keep emotions inside.

It’s because our emotions are what connect us. We share the same emotions. They transcend culture, politics, religion and gender. We all feel love, anger, hate, happiness, disappointment, pride and excitement. We may experience it in different ways, but we all know the feeling. That’s why we need to share our emotions. It’s how we connect.

People often tell us not to trust our feelings. Don’t follow your heart, follow your brain. I think our brain is nothing without our heart. And our heart can’t function without our brain. The thoughts floating around in our head don’t mean anything without the feelings connected to them. And feelings get lost without memories to connect to.

Maybe people who use their brain should allow their heart to speak.

And people who follow their heart should trust their brain.

What kind of person are you?

Are you just a brain?

Or are you just a heart?

I’d like to believe that I am both!

Because this post may have been written by my brain, but it will be brought to life by my heart. Words need meaning to exist, just like our thoughts need feelings.

Have a nice Tuesday!



  1. Emotions are very important to us as humans and to our very existence. They form the basis of who we are and they are very powerful. I think it’s because of their power some say we shouldn’t trust them because sometimes we react without any thought at all and sometimes that can be very bad. I think it’s good to be some of both, head & heart.

    Is it just me though or do you find that a lot of your emotions and memories are tied to music and that some songs can bring certain thoughts, feelings, memories, & situations flooding back like nothing else?

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    1. Well said! And yes, I have a very strong connection to music as well. Especially music that has been used in certain movies or TV series that I love. I often listen to those songs when I go through difficult times and whenever I hear them unexpectedly I can get really emotional.

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