How I ripped my pants at a birthday party

True-or-False-Thursday #5

I used to play this game with my readers where I would tell an embarrassing story about myself and they would have to guess if it’s true of false! Let’s give that another shot. Read the story and let me know in the comments if you think it is true or false. I will tell you the answer in tomorrow’s post!

Here we go.

When I was about 11 years old, I was invited to a birthday party that was in fact a real party. It wasn’t one of those childish let’s-do-crafts-and-play-games kind of party, it was a real party. There was loud music, sweaty almost-teenagers, and lots and lots of sugar-filled drinks.

We were all dancing and having a good time when some kids decided to show everyone their breakdance skills. You could barely call it breakdancing, but we were easily impressed. That’s when I decided it was my turn. I could do this simple move. It looked something like this:


It worked out find in the beginning… But when I tried to get my legs up higher in the air so I could spread them in some awesome pose I heard this ripping sound. I don’t remember if anyone else noticed, but when I finally got up from the floor I had ripped my entire pants in half.

Well, maybe not in half, but you could most certainly see my underwear. I spend the rest of the evening walking around in my ripped pants.

So what do you think?

True or False?

Have a nice Thursday!



  1. I say partially true and partially false. I say that you did rip your pants that bad at a party or some sort of get together but that it wasn’t while trying to do some breakdance move lol

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